Dear Readers…..a little help?

I am sitting here in my living room wondering….wondering what other women are doing to heal?

I wonder if you are finding ways to wade through the stories…….swim across memories and find places of refuge and strength?

I suddenly realize that I am extremely curious about all of you….those readers with similar stories.

If you feel up to it, I would love to hear from you. What is working? What helps? What are you finding doesn’t help in the least, and what makes you know everything will be alright in the end?

Do you have some music to share……some quote we can all put on our mirrors for the new year?

Does anyone have a favorite activity or food? What about an idea that we can all grasp onto and use to climb just a bit closer to healthy this year?

I need some inspiration this month and this year. There are moments when I feel drained and unable to even go one more step in the right direction. There are moments when I am running headlong into healing and finding that I am seeing sunshine and roses in front of me again. There are days when I am strong and breathe freely again and days when I am crying and wondering if this is all I will ever do for the rest of my life.

Perhaps you have had moments like these too and can share a bit of wisdom for others?

I am heading off to take a bubble bath. I found a recipe on Dr. Axe’s website for homemade…..good for you…..luxurious bubble bath and on a cold winter’s night….I placed the link to the recipe below. I am off to soak and relax and listen to some good Spanish guitar and perhaps a little Yo Yo Ma and The Avett Brothers ( a new band my oldest introduced me to last night). If you feel able to, please offer us some wisdom for our 2018. I think together…..we can all give each other a tiny piece of a puzzle that takes years to put together…….It is called Healing! I certainly am praying the healing will flood over us all this year in ways we cannot even imagine!

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  1. Leslie, you are on such a good & healthy path: don’t doubt this! Taking time for yourself, allowing reflection, seeking peace, staying physically healthy, finding beauty—these activities are essential for me, too. I find myself examining those moments when a nerve is touched, noticing “hot spots” in my life that are still smoldering, like when a fire has raged through and left embers. I acknowledge the pain, allow the reaction, and then come back to it to understand where it’s coming from. Once I see and understand, that ember is usually diminished or extinguished, and will continue to fade. In allowing ourselves to acknowledge that we are trauma survivors, crime victims, we are grieving, and the symptoms associated with those things are normal, then we should not be surprised or dismayed when those feelings still surface. Trusting God has great things in store in 2018! 💜

    1. Thank you Julie. I am trusting that right along with you! Thank you for the image….the smoldering places is a good one. It captures what it feels like, and Yes! I am learning like you to acknowledge and feel it and then come back later to make sure it is completely extinguished. Coming to the place of finally accepting that I have survived something….that trauma is a difficult thing…..took a lot of time. I will be praying for your 2018…..That Beauty and peace, health and trust…..all the ways to find healing will be in abundance this year!!!!

  2. Yeah for homemade bubble bath, and a healing community! It’s wise to ask for help and share the responses. Never give up! It will be worth the major struggles and prayers. Eventually you can count it all joy. James 1:2.

  3. Something that really saved me was listening to Stanton lanier and David nevue…
    From there, I had a friend show me how to go to / click on instrumental )… and sample listen to pieces… and download ..after that I put the music I chose onto my phone for constant listening…

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