Ordinary Me

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People have asked me if I feel ready to date. The minute I hear that question, fears begin running around in my head.

I was married to the man I met in 10th grade in high school….

I dated (and I mean one date) a boy named Derrick…he took me to a movie. We drove in his truck. It was so high off the ground you had to jump to get in. He was a fun date….but he moved away!

Then I had my first real boyfriend….we walked around the mall…we went to homecoming….we sat at my house and talked. We hung out with our circle of friends.

I went out on one date with a body builder the summer of my senior year of high school. He took me to see Cujo and then to Pizza Hut for dinner. I literally ate one slice of the large pie and he ate the rest while he showed me the multiple pictures of his flexing poses that he kept in his wallet. He listened to me though…he heard a little of my heart as I mentioned that I loved the park, sitting on the swings, and watching the stars. He took me there before the night was over. He was at least a gentleman.

That is it. Then I dated the man I married.

That is my whole dating history. It is not exactly stellar and varied.

Lately I just feel like…………………….. a wanna be…I wanna be younger…I wanna be special to someone….I wanna be healed already….I wanna be prettier….I wanna be more confident………….….I wanna be secure in myself……………I wanna not cry anymore and I wanna be all God desires of me and perfect!

There is so much to being an adult, and I am finding there is so much to being a woman who has been hurt.

But all these fears would be able to fit in a tea cup….I could get past them easily if someone came for my heart. I could easily talk and share if someone just helped me open the door. These are not the fears that make my heart stop beating.

It is  other fears that stop me in my tracks. The ordinary life fears.

Isn’t that funny?

It is the ordinary every  day things that have hurt the most.

I am brushing my teeth and it hits me….no one else on earth has shared this moment and seen me with my towel on my head…brushing my stupid teeth….rinse…spit…the very ordinariness of it makes me cry. I am afraid that it is here that I was not enough….perhaps I am too …..too….lacking in these ordinary places?

I wake up now in the mornings and look in the mirror….I am distraught…perhaps it is here…perhaps the lack was in the morning….my bedhead and wrinkles? It is horrifying! I am not making this up! It is actually horrifying to me to even consider letting someone see the ordinary me again…ever!

The me without any makeup…the me that leaves her shoes on the floor by the bed and gets way too many clothes out in the morning and doesn’t have them put away by bedtime neatly in the closet. It is the me that was too tired to get the dishes done so the kitchen is a wreck in the morning at times….the me that didn’t take out the trash right away so the bag sits by the front door for a couple of days…..the me that doesn’t have time to vacuum the car so the jackets are piled up on the back seat because I haven’t had time to take them upstairs.

It is the me that sniffles in allergy season….the me that has puffy eyes after a night of crying….the me that wants to complain about a small hurt someone gives me and the me that has four books open to the page I left off on strewn about the bedroom. I have piles of papers that need filed and eyebrows that aren’t always plucked to perfection…..I can ruin good clothes in the wash and easily forget to be kind to my daughters.

It is the real me…the ordinary me that I am most fearful of lately.

It is the horrifying moments when I remember that I am just this ordinary, less than perfect by far, completely stubborn woman. That thought make me shrink back and know that I am incapable of being anything like one of those girls in movies that can be everything all the time. I am incapable of being witty and smart and generous and loving all the time. Most of the time, I am just a small, ordinary, run of the mill, slightly selfish, sinful human being that gets most of the things wrong in her life. I see every fault, every flaw and every weak area so clearly now.

It is these moments of terror looking in the mirror for rinse and spit that I realize where the deepest wound is…..

He saw the ordinary me and decided he needed something much, much more……

I have been known and rejected.

That is the wound that just won’t seem to heal…………… because……….. I see the ordinary me too…………and I certainly don’t think she is exciting in the least.

She is just……ordinary.

It is in these moments that I have to step away from my feelings.

I have to step into being a beloved daughter on faith alone.

I have to remember whose I am, and that He made me for a purpose.

I have to trust that His plans for me are good and He is faithful.

I have to trust…………even when I don’t see or feel any truth.

I have to remember that I don’t see clearly……and I don’t  remember who I am yet. I am still healing and still becoming.

I have to trust that it is OK to be ordinary.

God help me see myself through your eyes today.

13 Replies to “Ordinary Me”

  1. “He saw the ordinary me and decided he wanted more. I have been known and rejected ” That’s it — the core of divorce terror. What a zinger.
    For me, 30 years ago, it was both parts; he knew me, and wanted more, and he chose for “next” a perfect girly-girl with long fingernails, a sexy figure, an adoring smile, no career, and perfectly coiffed and colored hair. A high maintenance chick, when he always said he hated those.
    The second level: when you wonder what ELSE he lied about all those years, and find you cannot.trust.one.memory.
    My darling girl, the only solution is to building new memories, to keep on shoveling even if there are tears in your nose.

    1. SLC….you are a treasure!!!! I love when you call me “my darling girl”….it makes me feel like a fairy princess who is in a far away country and has just lost her way! 🙂

    1. We can be fairies together….and sip dew from acorns and think about breezes and birds and fly around flowers. Ah…..the life of a fairy is so much simpler than the life of an ordinary person. 🙂

  2. He didn’t reject you… he succumbed to his selfishness. After 35 years of watching others before I got married, my one rule for marriage was that we must be independent before we can be co-dependent. You are rebuilding your independence… already with daily life… next with self acceptance… and finally with a renewed spirit. You’ve carried the burden of keeping it all together as your partner became addicted to his personal wants and whims. Continue to work through this grieving process… and then give yourself a break as we are all human… and all imperfectly ordinary… and all gracefully aging if we are lucky. You are beautiful in body, mind and spirit and will find a kindred spirit when you are ready.

    1. Thank you!!!!! I am following that path….daily life is getting there….self acceptance is hopefully coming and then…miracle of miracles….a renewed spirit! I feel as though spring will burst forth someday and I will look back at the bleak winter and rejoice! IT will have been a blessing in disguise.

  3. One of the seniors hit it out of the ballpark today when she presented her thesis. The topic was the danger of short term mission trips and the subtitle made me think of you, “Having the courage to live ordinary lives.”

    1. I’d love to hear that one. I have been on, and look, many many short-term mission trips; if they are not done right, they can be very dangerous. I think the chief danger is teaching young people that you can fly in,fix somebody else’s problem, and fly out. I Love a short article titled “let’s take the service out of service learning.” The theme is that we come alongside other people and witness their lives for a short time, and our lives are changed.

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