…………………………sometimes….it is what happens when you are grieving.

Crashing is to be expected. It is not the end of the world… is simply feelings that are coming out all at once after a heart wakes up from trauma or numbness or a couple of months of regular every day joy….or you see pictures of a friend that just found Mr. Right and got married……. or you see someone with their girlfriend on social media……..or you just have an aching heart and cannot quite figure out why.

Crashing is not fun.

It feels like the world is ending. It feels like nothing will ever be joyful again, and you are simply not worthy of joy and goodness and what other people take for granted…….

You should NOT go on social media during crashing.

You should not look through old photos or meander down memory lane.

You should not isolate yourself.

You should take a bath……

You should eat something healthful and delicious…perhaps cook yourself a whole meal of super healthy broth and steak and veggies and  learn to make kombachu

You should talk with friends and ask for prayer.

You should paint or practice piano or take a walk in nature or swim or go shopping or go out to eat with a good friend.

You should read a great book….just not Wuthering Heights…..not something melancholy….read something happy and cheerful.

You should not sit alone and simply try to think your way out of crashing.

Get a manicure….get a massage…..get a glass of wine or tea or coffee…….get a new song and listen to it as you walk on the treadmill….try Audrey Assad…..VERY lovely and positive.

Find a way to get into something that leads you forward like signing up for a trip to train teachers…..

Or simply eat a little dark chocolate…….

…….. And write yourself a blog about all the things that work and all the things that don’t so you will take your own advice!


Finally…..remember that June is only a month long… more………30 little days….and then July 23rd will pass and then October will pass and finally……the holidays will roll around and you will be in a much better place simply by taking good care of yourself….being kind to yourself…..pampering yourself and fighting for your own healing because you are the one that has to walk forward. No one else can do this for you. You must pray into this and allow your heart to feel this…..and open up so that others can see this…..and do the things you know in your head make you better….even as your heart would desire to simply run away and never face anything ever again!

6 Replies to “Crashing”

  1. Wow! – just How i feel too!
    Take extra good care of your self in these pop up ‘crash times’!…
    I love you ..and your blog brings me so much comfort!

    1. Luz, your words of encouragement are so what I needed this morning. Yes….we will learn to take VERY good care of ourselves. What is your go to healing thing to do? Mine is obviously to write….but I also write friends and am reading through all their encouragements this morning. They make me cry with their sweet prayers. I ordered a book that my daughter and I want to read, and I am enjoying a cup of homemade chicken broth as I type. Happy Tuesday dear lady!

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